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About Dmitri Thompson

When your Realtor® team loves their clients as much as they love each other, Five Star is par for the course. Dmitri and Dorene know how stressful any real estate transaction can be, so they pride themselves on absorbing the stress. They were someone’s clients nine times (buying and selling) before becoming real estate agents. They’ve taken the best parts of those experiences and incorporated them into their system and this is how you will be able to have a fun and 98.9% stress-free experience. Don’t let the fact that this team loves fun concern you...they know what they’re doing. Prior to becoming agents, Dmitri was a CMO/CTO for a private real estate investment firm and Dorene was a VP of Operations for a retirement planning firm. They also created and exited their pet grooming salons (which they sold to their employees) so their focus could be 100% on their real estate clients. At the end of the day, anyone can open a door for you or place a sign in your yard, but when the deal is done, do you want a bad memory or the memory that you would get with Dmitri and Dorene? I think you know the correct answer. #YourHomeIsWhereOurHeartIs